1. contrariness, contradictoriness, contradictiousness, Archaic. contrariousness, contrariety, contumaciousness, contumacity, contumacy, frowardness, seditiousness, refractoriness, querulousness; waywardness, disobedience, intransigence, intransigency, wrong-headedness.
2. aberration, aberrance, aberrancy, deviation, irregularity, variation; abnormality, anomaly; oddity, peculiarity, incongruity; monstrosity, freak, mutant, heteroclite; strangeness, oddness, incongruousness, queerness.
3. cantankerousness, quarrelsomeness, irascibility, irascibleness, contentiousness, obstreperousness, touchiness, testiness, churlishness, crustiness, edginess, Inf. grouchiness, Inf. crabbiness; peevishness, crossness, captiousness, petulance, Rare. petulancy, pique, vexation, pettiness, huffiness; surliness, bearishness, currishness, Sl. bitchiness; sullenness, sourness, moodiness, spleen, fractiousness, atrabiliousness, biliousness, virulence, acerbity; spitefulness, hatefulness, invidiousness.
4. persistence, persistency, tenacity, tenaciousness, perseverance, indomitability, indomitableness, constancy, assiduousness, sedulousness, diligence, zeal, zealousness, zealotry; obstinance, obstinacy, intractability, intractableness, obdurateness, resolution, inflexibility, inflexibleness, stubbornness, doggedness, mulishness, hard-headedness, pigheadedness; willfulness, wantonness, deliberation, intent.
5. perversion, pervertedness, corruption, cor-ruptedness, immorality, unprincipledness, unscrupulousness, dissolution, profligateness, depravity, degeneracy, degeneration, deterioration; malevolence, malignancy, maliciousness, maleficence, evil-mindedness; evil, evilness, iniquity, iniq-uitousness, baseness, foulness, lowness, sinfulness.

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